Saturday, March 09, 2013

Aamir Khan's old radio traced in Chor Bazaar

Aamir Khan carries a radio in the film P.K. which apparently was sourced though Chor Bazaar.

There are various pictures doing the rounds ofAamir Khan in the ghagra or the tight shirt from the sets of P.K. However no-one has been able to identify Aamir Khan's character in the film. Aamir has strangely also been spotted carrying a radio.
The radio is of olden times and, if sources are to be believed, has an important part in the film. It has almost become like a character, in a sense, and has created curiosity among the audiences. Sources close to the film say, "Aamir had seen this radio in olden times and was very keen to have it. He vaguely described it as one of the oldest radio which was launched."
The production team had a hard time sourcing this radio. They researched and asked a lot of people and finally managed to spot it at Chor Bazaar. This was the closest radio they found to what Aamir had described.
We wonder what is the secret plot behind the radio?
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Jaisakthivel, ADXC, Tirunelveli, India