Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Frequenting the air waves

All India Radio is reinventing itself to be in tune with the times

Once upon a time, people used to wake up to All India Radio's (AIR)
signature tune followed by Vande Mataram and Mangal Dhwani and listened to
the early morning news before starting their day. The names of the news
readers and announcers in those days were household names across the

AIR or Akashvani as it is also called, ruled the air waves till Doordarshan
came on the scene as a national broadcaster in 1982. Today there are 837 TV
channels and 245 private FM stations. Has that impacted AIR's listenership
as many people think?

Read this excellent article published in today's "Hindu" :


[Alokesh Gupta,New Delhi, DX India YG]