Friday, February 03, 2012

DRM SW Mobile Transmitter Possible at India Show

BES is the Broadcast Engineering Society, which presents the BES Expo 2012

The DRM Consortium reported:

"BES 11-13 February - New Delhi - DRM Consortium will attend and be part of
large booth (Nautel/Comcon showing products from Digidia, Fraunhofer,
A DRM+ Surround Sound demo will be available at the booth.

"We expect AIR to showcase DRM too and hopefully provide a DRM30 signal
a mobile transmitter available in New Delhi during BES.

"3 DRM speakers will attend the conference and tackle topics of interest
like, DRM for content, DRM receivers and emergency capabilities of DRM."

(Alokesh Gupta Via guacorecipe via drmna list)