Friday, February 17, 2012

AIR DRM Future Plans

 All India Radio DRM Future Plans :

1) Replacement of two 1000 kW MW transmitters by new DRM compatible
transmitters (expected by 31st March 2012)
2) Replacement of 34 old MW transmitters by new DRM transmitters.
3) Replacement of 6, 10 kW mobile transmitters by mobile DRM transmitters
(Already installed at various places, TX # 2 was used for recent MW DRM
test during BES Expo 2012)

4) Conversion of 36 compatible MW transmitters into DRM transmitters.
5) Replacement of five SW transmitters by DRM transmitters.
6) Implementation of pilot project of DRM+ txers at major cities.
7) New DRM+ transmittesr at 24 places ( DRM compatible FM txers)
8) Setting up 100 watt FM DRM+ compatible transmitters at 100 locations.
9) Replacement of existing MW/FM transmitters by high power DRM+ FM

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi