Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Southgate ARC news site carries the following report

The website of Monitoring-Matters has announced that the first issue of the E-zine devoted to radio communications should be published on November 1.

The online magazine is for those with an interest in utility radio, either as a radio amateur or scanner user, and with an interest in civilian, military or government communications.

The Monitoring-Matters E-zine website is at
http://www.monitoring-matters. com/

MM's web site says

Over the next two months, complimentary issues will be published on 1st November and 1st December, which will show you how "Monitoring Matters" will become your most popular source for information, advice and monthly entertainment.

From January your financial support by becoming a yearly subscriber - £20 for 12 issues, will provide us with the resources to improve, increase the content and add extra contributors to join some of those you have enjoyed in the past.

Via Alan bdxc-news

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