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RRI Contest results


The Enescu contest was held with the support of several sponsors and
partners whom we thank once again. The contest was sponsored by S. C.
ELECTRECORD S.A. and the Public Corporation "Monitorul Oficial", being
also supported by the "Radio House" Publishing-House.

By tuning into our broadcasts, you could get an image about this
year's Festival, which concluded in late September, about the
remarkable value of the participating orchestras, soloists and
concerts. You could get the answers to our questions from our
broadcasts and on RRI's site. Thank you for having entered this
contest run by RRI.

We have received your answers, the contest is over and we have
designated the winners. But before letting you know their names, may
we remind you the questions:

Where and when was George Enescu born?
The correct answer is: he was born in Liveni, Botosani County,
Northern Romania on August 19th 1881.

Name at least three works by Enescu.
Your answers could have been the following: "The Romanian Poem"
symphonic Suite Opus 1, the two Romanian Rhapsodies (1901-1902), the
"Vox Maris" symphonic Poem for soprano, tenor, choir and orchestra,
the Seven Songs on lyrics by Clement Marot, Suite Nr. 1 for orchestra,
Suite for orchestra Nr. 2, the opera "Oedipus"( actually his only
opera), String Quartet Nr. 2, Chamber Symphony for 12 solo
instruments, the "Village Suite" Nr. 3, Sonata Nr. 3 in Romanian folk
style for violin and piano.

What myth is the only opera of the Romanian composer based on?
The correct answer is : the myth of Oedipus.

What edition of the "George Enescu" International Festival takes place
this year?
The correct answer is: the 19th edition.

Here now are the winners.

There are 24 runners-up, among whom let us mention our listeners or
Internet users:
Ian Morrison of China
Deepa Kumari of India
Alan Holder of Great Britain
Kurt Svensson of Sweden
Agide Melloni, Giorgio Borsier, Fiorenzo Repetto of Italy
Tatjana Rubin and Ivica Smolcic of Serbia
Gaik Octembrian of Rusia
Alibek Ahmadiev of Kazahstan
Lai Xing, Fan Yurong, Wang Yang and Wang Chuntian of China
Emile Christian Duchimé of Camerun
Gloria Suciu of Romania
Olena Makovii of the Ukraine
Klaus Weinhart of Germany
Francisco Solorzano, El Salvador, Alfonso Flores Oliveira of Peru
Jorge Garcia Rangel of Venezuela
Khalid Said Dayan of Yemen
Jaroslaw Jedrzejczakof Poland

50 third prizes went to our listeners or Internet users:

Martin Galas of the USA
Shunicki Sekiya of Japan
Shankar N. and Prasenjit Bhakat of India
Mogire O. Machuki of Kenya
Safira Akter Panna of Bangladesh
Christer Brunstrom of Sweden
Brian Kendall of Great Britain
Aaron Tiu of the Philippines
Cao Fujie of Malaysia
Milentije Miljkovic of the US
Dmitri Balikin, Vladimir Yaroshik and Viaceslav Izrianov of Russia
Alina Ledroumaguet, Philippe Marsan and Jean–Pierre Bailly of France
Alessia Porreca of Italy
Olexandr Kozlenko of the Ukraine
Hans-Martin Friedrich of Switzerland
Daniel Bustos Aravena of Chile
Eduardo Ladislao Trejo Recinos, El Salvador, Gerardo Andres Groh of Argentina
Berny Solano of Costa Rica
Glauber Gleidson Peres, Brazilia, Jorge Alberto Jimenez Suarez of Columbia
Hamrani Mousa, Abdel-Hamid Djabbari of Algeria
Mohamad Ben el Bashir of Tunisia
Idriss Fitouri of Libia
Abdel-Naser Mohm Rashad Kamel of Egypt
Abdel-Karim Nadjim of Morocco
Batoul El Atas of Saudi Arabia
Rossella Buccilli and Alessandro Errichetti of Italy
Alfred Arinze of Libia
Mogire O. Machuki of Kenya
Safira Akter Panna of Bangladesh
Norbert Bonnet of France
Patrick Vong of France
Tang Jingbo, Han Shenglin, Zhou Lüjun, Li Meng, Xue Bing, Li Ming,
Yang Tietong, Luo Yinghu, Wang Jian, Zhang Shifeng, Zhang Lili şi Zhou
Fei of China.

The 5 winners of the second prize are:

Efim Arteev of Russia
Silveri Gomez of Spain
Abdel-Hamid Kharifi of Morocco
Hans Verner Lollike of Denmark
Xue Sanyang of China.

The 13 winners of the first prize are:

Valeria Matskevici of Russia
Jacques Augustin of France
Romanian-born Alina Seman of Italy
Roman Bondarevski of Ukraine
Christoph Preutenborbeck of Germany
Javier Gonzalez Balon of Ecuador
Hugo Calderon Carbajal of Mexico
Mohamad Suleiman Shokr of Egypt
Stefano Citterio of Italy
Thein Soe of Malayesia
Bezazel Ferhat Ben Rabah of Algeria
Cui Wenbai of China
He Guoliang of China.

First prize winner,
Christoph Preutenborbeck of Germany wrote:
"I'm very fond of music and I take particular interest in classical
music. Participating in the contest run by RRI, I had the opportunity
of knowing the life and work of George Enescu. RRI brought closer this
son of the Romanian people to us, foreign listeners and I'd like thank
the RRI staff for that. It was interesting to find out about the
measures taken by the communists against him and about the debates on
the date of his death. I'm also glad that I had the opportunity of
finding out that Enescu was not only a composer, but also an
exceptional violinist who took part in the training of the famous
violinist Yehudi Menuhin."

We conclude quoting the entry of first prize winner, Cui Wenbai of
China: "Every man has got his hobbies; one of my hobbies is classical
music and George Enescu's music holds pride of place in my
preferences. I've got many of his works and tired after a day's work,
I'm often delighted to listen to his music. Listening to his music, I
feel as if I were immersed in an ocean of sounds. Time seems to go
back and the energy which notes give to me provides me with a
matchless experience. You can see the influences of Enescu's music
everywhere, whether you are in Europe or in America. Enescu had his
unique perspective both in his creation and his interpretation. His
work has become a national wealth, but at the same time, it has
entered the world artistic heritage. His artistic achievements are now
a landmark in musical education and science. That is why, I have
entered this contest."

We will mail our prizes to the winners, whom we ask to confirm their
reception by mail, fax or e-mail. Thank you once again for having
participated in the "2009 George Enescu Festival" and we invite as
many of you as possible to enter our next contests.

(Source : RRI)

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi

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