Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BARC Golden Jubilee contest results

Dear Fellow Hams & SWLS

As part of the BARC Golden Jubilee Celebrations and HamfestIndia2009, BARC
Golden Jubilee HF contest was held on 23 & 24 May (Phone) and on 30 & 31 May
2009 (CW). The following are the results declared by the Contest Judges
VU3ITI & VU3VRL. Thanks to Varadan, VU3ITI for coordinating as a Judge for
this event.

Phone Contest
VU3SIO-Sanil Deep, 1st Place
VU3WIB-Dalayan, 2nd Place
VU2YE–Ramesh, 3rd Place
VU2UR–Arasu, 4th Place
VU2JQX-Anil Kumar, 5th place
Special Prize for SWL Participant: (VU2003SWL)
Siddhalingesh Basawanal

CW Contest
VU2JQX-Anil Kumar, 1st Place
VU2JOS-Jose, 2nd Place
VU2PAL – Pal, 3rd Place
VU2GUR – Guru, 4th Place
VU2UR – Arasu, 5th Place

The Mementos & Certificates for the winners will be distributed during
HamfestIndia 2009. The participation certificates to all the participants
will also be distributed.

The 18th Hamfest in India, HamfestIndia 2009 and Bangalore Amateur Radio
Club (BARC) - VU2ARC Golden Jubilee Celebrations is just round the corner.
The event being conducted in Bangalore this year and is scheduled for
Saturday-Sunday, 7 & 8 November 2009. The venue is Sri Nijagunara Kshetra,
Bull Temple Road, Bangalore.

We welcome all Hams and SWLs to be part of this Festival in Bangalore with
your family and friends.

Please log on to www.hamfestindia. com for full details regarding Delegate

We request you to register early and encourage us with your support


Ramesh Kumar
Member, Organising Committee
HamfestIndia 2009
Cellphone: 91-9845057731
(Via DX_India)

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