Sunday, December 28, 2008

RTI's official monitors in 2009

Dr. T. Elampooranan

The English service is happy to announce that it has chosen 16 listeners from all over the world as its officlal monitors in 2009!

They include:
Richard Chen (Trinidad & Tabago),
Clifford Riffel (South Africa),
Don Rhodes (Australia),
Michael Stevenson (Australia),
Larry Jenkins (USA),
Gregory Jackson (USA),
Ted Schuerzinger (USA),
Lennart Wennberg (Sweden),
T. C. Patterson (the Philippines),
Venancio J. Victoria (the Philippines),
Helmut & Linda Matt (Germany),
T. Elampooranan (Chennai, India),
Alokesh Gupta (Delhi, India),
Swopan Chakroborty (Kolkata, India),
Ashik Eqbal Tokon (Bangladesh), and
Jaisakthivel (Chennai, India).