Friday, December 05, 2008

Malaysia's Traxx FM

Dear Dxers,

Last week received a feedback from Malaysia's Traxx
FM. They send the programme guide, Car Sticker, Pen with Traxx FM logo, Note pad and wonderful travel bag with their logo and lots more with first class register post. Here I put the scaned copy of sticker and programme guide.

Discover Malaysia Through the Right TRAXX

TRAXXfm - a one-stop holiday guide that will enlight
en you about all the wonderful offerings that Malaysia has.

They are already taking the country's airwaves by storm with a brand new presentation so get all geared up for an interactive and informative avenue on domestic and international tourism destination guides.

The all new TRAXXfm also comes with great music, a wide reppertoire of everyting from the olde skool to the nu skool ranging from r
etro, R&B, dance, jazz, rock, right through world music and international hits.

Listeners will also get the latest updates on
everything under the sun when TRAXXfm's team goes 'LIVE' from our mini studio in MaTiC and everywhere in and around the country on location.

Their deejays will also provide the latest updates and information on events in the country that includes sports, concerts, Tourism Malaysia linked events, state events and the latest and best information on food and beverages,through designated slots everyday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am and 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Bringing you the best, TR
AXXfm also has numerous road shows and other visual radio programmes planned to get in touch on a more personal basis with listeners.

Discover amaz
ing information on Malaysia's Health Tourism, the country's wonderful culture and heritage, as well as enhance your beauty and health knowledge from tips on traditional treatments, living and lifestyles, as well as shopping and nightlife now that the all new TRAXXfm has hit the airwaves.

Breaking out from the norm of regualar radio stations, TRAXXfm also provides regular transportation information services, travel tips and information on holiday packages in Malaysia that will allow you to plan a hassle free journey.

TRAXXfm is definately the right choice to tune in to as the station has something for everyone.

Then and Now
TRAXXfm started broadcasting in 1982 and the station broadcasted nationwide as well as to neighbouring Singapore, Brunei, and parts of Thailand.

TRAXXfm is the only Malaysian Radio station that pioneered English as the medium for delivering its programmes when it started as Blue Network and then Radio 4 and the station also played an important role to educate, inform, and to entertain listeners.

Currently, TRAXXfm operates 24 hours Live, focusing on great music as well as excellent talks shows and interaction between Deejays and listeners. Also you will listen them on SW 7295 kHz.

'TRAXX' derives from the word 'TRACK' and the 'XX' denotes the old tagline 'Xperience the Xcitement'.

24 Hours Live Broadcasting

Through its 24-hour LIVE broadcasting, fans and listeners alike of Malaysia's leading radio station will discover that TRAXXfm is th
e station to provide a one-stop holiday guide to enlighten locals and visitors about all the wonderful attractions in Malaysia.


109, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur



2nd Floor, Wisma Radio
50740 Kuala Lumpur
Call : 03- 2288 7663 / 7285 / 7284
Fax : 03- 2284 5750
SMS : TX (message) and send to 32776