Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Radio Jackie - A Very English Struggle

On a cold February evening in 1985, over a thousand people gathered outside the studios of Radio Jackie. They were defying the authorities who were trying to close them down.Why were so many people so passionate about, what after all was a pirate radio station?

Radio Jackie - A Very English Struggle is a book written by Colin King that details his personal view of a momentous battle to bring Local Radio to South West London and North Surrey.Hilarious situations, larger than life characters and a band of young people utterly determined to succeed against all the odds.There are moments of 'Milliganesque' lunacy.

There are moments of abject despair.But through it all there is humour and determination.This is the story behind the highly popular Radio Station - 107.8 Radio Jackie - The only truly independent station in Britain.