Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Radio Jockey’s Handbook

Do you have what it takes to become an RJ?
Being a radio jockey is not only about relying on your voice, but it involves a whole lot of knowledge as well, says jock, trainer and writer, Simran Kohli in her new book
What does it take to become a radio jockey? And who better to answer this question than someone who’s been there – and is still doing that?
Simran Kohli is now a radio jockey with Big FM in New Delhi, and is also the producer of the late night show, 9 Baje Ki Setting. Having worked with Radio Mirchi, the BBC, Red FM and Hum FM (in Dubai), Simran felt it was time that she shared her experiences – and penned them down in a book, the first of ten books on radio that she proposes.
The Radio Jockey Handbook, which is available in both English and Hindi, targets both the would-be jockey and those already involved in the profession. The book’s structure is properly thought through and carefully laid out.
Adopting a question and answer format, the handbook first deals with the crucial question: do you have what it takes to become a jockey? Most aspirants think that all one needs is a voice, and Kohli quickly disabuses the reader of the notion. She makes it clear that the successful jockey needs more than God-given talent, and that there’s a lot of hard work – and knowledge involved. The book takes you through the process involved in the creation of a program, the elements that go into making a show, the preparation required to make the most efficient use of the resources available at hand.
For the would be radio jockey, Kohli’s book serves two purposes: one, the aspirant, after reading the handbook, is clear that he or she does not have the requisite skills to succeed in this demanding industry. The second is that the aspirant is certain that radio is an industry that he or she could make a mark in.
The book is laced with experiential illustrations that make one’s understanding of the craft better, and the aspirant makes a more informed decision on whether or not to pursue a career in the burgeoning industry.
For those in the industry, the book aims to make them better professionals, teaching them how the maximize the talent and resources at hand.
Published by Fusion Books, The Radio Jockey’s Handbook is handy to have around for professionals, and an investment well made for the hopefuls.