Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Automatic Link Establishment International QSO Party

HFLINK spomsors a new International Amateur Radio event called AOTAW
(ALE On The Air Week) October 13-23. All ham radio operators
worldwide are invited to participate in 10 days of amateur radio
Automatic Link Establishment on VHF and HF. AOTAW is an open
operating event for hams to explore ALE communications and equipment.
The experience gained by operator participation in AOTAW is useful
for emergency and disaster relief communications.

What is ALE? ALE enables hams to directly call each other on HF or
VHF using their callsigns like a ``telephone number.`` ALE uses a
short audible digital signal to call. ALE is not dependent on the
Internet, telecom infrastructure, or repeaters. Free PC-ALE software
by G4GUO is available for ham transceivers, and other transceivers
are available with ALE built-in.

Who is using ALE? There are now hundreds of amateur radio operators
worldwide with ALE stations. The international HFLINKGroup with about
1000 members, provide support and information exchange for ALE
operators. ALE is rapidly becoming a world standard for HF
communications, so it is especially important for hams who are
interested in interoperability with government and non-government