Thursday, February 23, 2006

RTI listeners' meet at kolkata

Dear Dxers,
48 Dxers enjoyed a day-long meeting on 19th February 2006 with
Radio Taiwan International's Chairman Mr.Feng Jeng Lin, Vice Manager of
Programming Department Mr. Wayne T. F. Wang and Senior Staff of English
Section Mr. Carlson Wang at The Peerless Inn, 12, Jawaharlal Nehru Road,
Kolkata. At 11:30 a.m the Dxers entered the hotel and registered
themselves. Everybody was given a special commemorative picture postcard. At
the beginning of the meeting Radio Taiwan International's Chairman
Mr.Feng Jeng Lin welcomed all and mentioned India and Taiwan both being
democratic countries respect each other. Mr. Carlson Wang translated the
Chairman's speech in English. A 15 minutes' long documentary on RTI was
shown next. Then it was a tea/coffee break. In the next session Dxers
voiced their proposals when Mr.Feng Jeng Lin and Mr. Carlson Wang
commented on the proposals and noted these down.
Among the Dxers were Mr. Swopan Chakraborty(Official Monitor of RTI),
Mr. Rabishankar Basu, Mr. Pranab Kumar Roy, Mr. Hiranmoy Mondal, Mr.
Anandamohan Bain, Mr. Dipak Das, Mr. T. Jaisakthivel, Mr. Bhudeb Sarkar,
Mr. Subir Basu, Mr. Rajdeep Das, Mr. Tanumoy Chakraborty, Mr. Bishan
Ghoshal, Mr. Talat Mahmood (excuse me, I can not recollect others'
names).Dxers mainly requested to improve propagation condition so that the
programs become audible. They also drew the attention to the jamming on
the RTI frequencies. Requests for airing regional language programs
(Bengali & Tamil) was also placed. Some listeners wanted to have colourful
program schedule. The Chairman of RTI assured the Dxers to look into the
proposals and to do something positive. This
questions-proposals-answers session went on in two halves - pre and post lunch. Then some
mementos were distributed and finally a listeners' club was formed and Mr.
Swopan Chakraborty was given the chair of the president of the club. After
another Coffee break the meeting was over.

Sincerely yours,
Rajib Bandyopadhyay
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