Saturday, February 25, 2006

Radio Romania Internaþional new prize-winning contest devoted to Romanian sculpture.

RRI invites you to participate in a new prize-winning contest devoted to Romanian sculpture. On February 19th 2006 it’s 130 years since one of the most outstanding sculptors of the 20th century, Constantin Brancusi was born in Hobita, Gorj county, in south western Romania. Regarded as the father of modern sculpture, Brancusi is just one of the outstanding sculptors Romania has “given” the world. One of them, Ion Irimescu died in late October 2005 aged 102.

The series of outstanding Romanian artists includes: Dimitrie Paciurea, George Apostu, Oscar Han, Ion Jalea, Cornel Medrea, Gheorghe Dimitrie Anghel, Constantin Baraschi, Gheorghe Iliescu-Cãlineºti, Constantin Lucaci, Frederik Storck, Paul Vasilescu, Vida Geza, Vlad Ciobanu, Mihai Buculei or Marcel Guguianu. The last one, 80 year old sculptor Marcel Guguianu is one of the main promoters and supporters, through the foundation he runs, of our contest.

So tune in to RRI’s programmes and access our site, and provide correct and complete anwers, in writing, to the questions and you may be a winner of the contest. You should post your answers, at the latest, by March 31st, 2006.

The contest offers two Grand Prizes -two 10-day trips, for one person, with full board, at the end of June and the beginning of July 2006 in Bucharest (to visit the museums and workshops of some Romanian sculptors), in Targu Jiu (to get to know the birthplace and works of Brancusi) in Craiova (to get acquainted with one of the projects of the Guguianu Foundation) and in Bârlad (to see the Marcel Guguianu Exhibition Pavilion). As usual, you have to cover travel expenses outside Romania and get a visa for Romania, if necessary.

If you do not win the Grand Prize, don’t worry because there are many other prizes in objects related to the life and work of some important Romanian sculptors; they will be offered by the local authorities of Targu Jiu, the “Marcel Guguianu” Foundation, by renowned fine artists and by the two media partners of the contest: Radio Oltenia of Craiova and the newspaper “Gorjeanul”, of Târgu Jiu.

And now the questions:

- When did Constantin Brâncuºi live?
- In what Romanian city is the Marcel Guguianu Exhibition Pavilion located?
- Name at least 3 famous Romanian sculptors.
- Name several museums displaying works by Brancusi and Guguianu respectively.

Please write to us what made you particpate in the contest. You can send your answers to: Radio Romania Internaþional, 60-64 G-ral Berthelot street, sector 1, Bucharest, PO Box 111, code 010165, fax, e-mail: or Post your answers by March 31st 2006 at the latest. The winners of the contest will be announced in mid April 2006. Good luck.

President of Ardic Dx Club