Monday, August 15, 2005

A CRI Quiz on Charming Changzhou

How can I listen to the quiz on radio?
From 15th to 21st, August, the contest will take place over seven days, with a report about each of the seven contest areas played each day, followed by one question related to that day¡¯s report. The contest is after News and Reports.

The English Service of China Radio International is hosting a new quiz featuring some of the particularities of the city of Changzhou, and asks you seven questions, the answers to which are contained in the article. Listeners who answer all seven questions correctly will have the chance to win prizes. The top prize is a free trip to China. The winner will enjoy a five-day tour of Beijing and Changzhou, as well as participate in activities with local people during October. Don’t hesitate to answer the questions. Your comments are important to win the prize.
Read the article and choose the right answer.
The city of Changzhou
A famous city with 2,500 years of historical and cultural heritage, Changzhou is a robust and emerging industrial center situated in the Yangtze River Delta on China's eastern coast.
Changzhou is famous for its combs – a famous traditional Chinese handicraft with the registered brand "White Elephant" since 1925. All Changzhou combs are made by hand of natural materials. They are well known for good workmanship and rigid selected materials. The combs are not only necessary for daily use they are also works of art.

Another famous cultural heritage is paper-cuts. The famous Zhou family paper-cuts in Changzhou are given the name because nearly all the works were collectively created by six members of the Zhou family. The Zhous are skillful in using carving tools, and have developed superb carving techniques including striking 3-D effects. The family refuses to sell duplicated paper-cuts in order to ensure the continued rarity and value of their paper-cuts. There are now less than 20 pieces in each province, or autonomous region. The scarcity ensures they are highly valued.
Besides this rich cultural heritage, Changzhou also contains a famous man-made canal. The Grand Canal was built in the Ming dynasty and is the longest and the earliest excavated canal in the world. Now its capability for transportation has increased a lot and has become the main channel for transporting coal from north to south. Many enterprises in Changzhou depend on water-borne transport. For example, 70 percent of the materials for steel produced by Zhongtian Steel Group Co. Ltd. are transported by ship. And Xinya Chemical Company loads and unloads one kiloton of chemical fertilizer per day at the canal quay.

Despite its developed economy, Changzhou has successfully preserved its clean environment. The beautiful waters of Tian Mu Lake make it a favorable place to visit. Tian Mu Lake is made up of two huge reservoirs called Sand River and Big Stream, which look like the pure, innocent and bright eyes of a beautiful girl. That’s how it got its name, Tian Mu, which means the eyes of heaven. Having weak alkalinity, the pH of the water in Tian Mu Lake always is stable at around 7.5. Experts say this level is the healthiest water. So when you come to Tian Mu Lake in Changzhou, China, don’t forget to have a sip of the water.

Changzhou has not only natural sceneries but also man-made high-tech attractions. The Dinosaur Park is one of them. Themed around the“Eastern Jurassic Period”,the Dinosaur Park combines exhibitions of popular science with amusement attractions and team games. The Chinese Dinosaur Park applies high-tech sound and light instruments combined with video cartoons, internet games, and other attractions. The whole exhibition also promotes the message of environmental protection.

That’s all for the highlights of Changzhou. But seeing is believing so I hope all of you may have the fortune to visit beautiful Changzhou, beautiful Beijing and beautiful China.

1. What is the brand name of famous Changzhou combs? *
A. Changzhou
B. White Elephant
2. What family is famous for their paper-cuts in Changzhou? *
A. Chang family
B. Zhou family
3. Does the Zhou family sell duplicated editions of their paper-cuts? *
A. Yes
B. No
4. What is name of the famous canal in Changzhou? *
A.Changzhou Canal
B. The Grand Canal
5. How many reservoirs is Tian Mu Lake made of? *
A. Three
B. Two
6. Can people directly drink the water in Tian Mu Lake? *
A. Yes
B. No
7. What do people call the Chinese Dinosaur Park? *
A. Eastern Jurassic Period
B. Jurassic Period
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