Sunday, August 07, 2005

ANNA FM 90.4 MHz

ANNA FM is the first campus based community radio in the country. ANNA FM aired from the smallest, completely digital, tape less, and multi purpose Studio in AVRC, from the smallest campus of Anna University at 90.4FM to most of Chennai (for 15 kms ).
ANNA FM is on 7 days a week between the hours of 5.30PM-9.30PM (live programs) and 6AM-10AM (repeat telecast). As a community Station, ANNA FM strives to provide points of view expressed in the mainstream media.
As a non-commercial station, ANNA FM takes pride in being an alternative to mainstream media and offers the public a forum for expressing points of view that otherwise may not be heard. A small staff, several volunteers from the Department of Media Science, department coordinators and over 50 general volunteers drawn from the campus of Anna University and community at large run the station. ANNA FM welcomes new volunteers, especially those who are interested in non-commercial media, to participate in the station as a programmer, department assistant, interviewer, or a reviewer. ANNA FM has variety of programmes supporting the involvement of students service announcements, event announcements and socially relevant stories for on-air broadcast. Send them by e-mail, campus mail, by hand, regular mail or fax to the Programming Department. The station is developing a closer connection with the campus and community and continues to work on improving and strengthening its programming. To get involved, drop by for our orientation session.

Arts and EntertainmentThe arts and Entertainment area of Anna FM volunteers Write reviews and product interviews related to traditional and modern music, theatre, dance and visual arts performances and events.
MusicWithout starting the obvious, volunteers in the music area oversee Anna Fm's music programming and maintain its music library. They acquire a wide selection of recorded material and also maintain these records. They involve in intensive listening, categorizing, labeling and filling of music records and materials related to music.
ProductionProduction volunteers produce public service announcements (PSA).They also help and train other volunteers to use the production studio and routinely maintain station equipment.
Public Affairs Volunteers in the public affairs arena produce Anna FM's public affairs programmes The shows are designed to generate Ideas and share resources among the Community.
Public RelationsVolunteers in this sphere work to promote Anna FM, both on and of campus, through things like concert and outdoors broadcasting events, Promotional materials such as T-Shirts, Stickers and Broachers,& Via Press release to Different media contacts. They will also help Anna FM's Programmers to promote the radio Shows.
Training Anna FM Volunteers to train new volunteers in and out of programming. This is done live and on-air in DJvoice camp-a programme and an experience. They schedule new volunteer in rotating DJvoice camp post positions and provide intensive on-air training. Anna FM has started off a unique programme of training fisherman as Radio Jockeys.
VolunteerThree words-recruit, recruit, and recruit! Anna FM recruits individuals from the campus and community to volunteer with the station. The department's volunteers also provide station tours and orientations to the new volunteers. The first step is to attend a station orientation. You'll get a station tour and learn all about the entity that is ANNA FM. Watch out for the station orientations on our website The next step is to go through on-air training. Ask at the station about hoe to get the mail list on-air training dates. Note: You will not be granted an on-air training session untill you have completed the station orientation.ANNA FM strives to provide radio programs that are innovative & reflective of the diverse voices of our campus & surrounding community. We provide music & information that is not covered by mainstream media. We strive to achieve perfection by involving the community for preparing the programs, which are targeted to serve the very same community.