Sunday, December 06, 2015

LeT operatives using hand-held radio devices configured with android'

At a time when, Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Delhi Police's special cell sleuths are carrying out a joint operation to nab at least three to four hardcore Lashkar-e-Taiba militants, who have managed to sneak in to Jammu & Kashmir from across the border, a secret document accessed by TOI, reveals that, LeT operatives are using highly advanced integrated communication handheld radio sets (ICOM HHRS) configured with android mobile phones. 

In a two pages alert issued on December 3, by Intelligence Bureau to all the states police and other sister concerning intelligence agencies, the system enables LeT operatives to send text data packets on a particular frequency band, making almost impossible for agencies to tap the message. 

As per alert note, an improvised version of 'goTenna', a cognitive digital radio (an antenna) combined with an app through an Android device via Bluetooth, generates its own signal and automatically coordinates with other units with range, is being used by LeT operatives. 
This system is specially designed for connecting even when someone goes off-grid and far apart, in simple terms, one can connect and convey message without having SIM card in his smart phone. 

A senior intelligence official told TOI, "The improvised version of 'goTenna' (ICOM HHRS) ?k?nown as 'Y-SMS' has been detected in Kashmir valley, which is being used by LeT operatives." 

In a recent raid to hunt down terrorist in Kashmir, few damaged Samsung android phones have been recovered. An analysis of the phones by technical expert of intelligence bureau revealed, that they were being operated without SIM cards and text messages were sent by using ICOM HHRS system. 

Further examination of the recovered phones revealed that, their printed circuit boards were modified, to such an extent that a simple touchscreen smartphone became sort of walkie talkie, where only pressing on screen helped the terrorist to send encrypted text and voice messages, stated the note. 

A senior police official claimed, "LeT operatives who have entered in India are using this communication system, which is not easy to decrypt." By: ,