Thursday, October 22, 2015

AWR Via AIR New Delhi on SW 7520 kHz ends broadcast

As you know, for about an year now, The External Services of All India Radio has been broadcasting on SW the AWR program produced at Adventist Media Centre, Pune in its Bengali Service.
In the new B-15 schedule the SW channel is being dropped from Sunday 25 Oct 2015.
Hence, the last broadcasts on SW of this series is scheduled for the time as follows:
Dates: 23 & 24 October 2015 (Friday, Saturday)
Time 1035 to 1050 UTC approximate (4.05 to 4.20 PM IST)
Frequency: 7520 kHz via New Delhi 250 kW
Program Name: Lamhe
Language: Hindi
Channel: FM Rainbow Kolkata.

This transmission is heard in most parts of South Asia. The program includes many Hindi Film songs also!
This program is also available on FM 100.7 MHz 10 kw in Kolkata and through many other FM Relay stations in West Bengal State.
Reception reports to:
Via Jose Jacob, VU2JOS