Tuesday, August 20, 2013

India heard on FM in Finland !

Markku Sollo from Finland had a sensational catch on 1st August : Big FM on
92.7 MHz !

During that day there were slight condx to Tatarstan on OIRT frequencies,
and this came during fifteen minutes fading with english frequency id and
audio id. No real condx to Russia at all on Band 2. Indian music caused
what the hell idea he found this yesterday. Markku had deleted almost of
those Perses files during that day, so no-one know what if. Came with 5el
Triax beamed to south-east.

Markku (MSO) checked the last files from that day he still had (others were
deleted, some of them without listening properly) and found this Indian
with tent. Pakistan from Islamabad on 93.0. The Big FM 92,7 propably from
Srinagar. Other jewelries he heard (=found) this summer was Mega FM from
Cairo on 92,7 and Imam Hussein FM from Baghdad on 92,9.
92 700 1.8. 1332 - + IND: _ * _ * Big 92.7 FM * _ * _. Uto" kesikseen
packaged goods was apparently delete most of the previous day's recordings.
Only a few files was left. These, then I started to listen to today (18.8)
a little bit surprised that the Indian music ha, ha. At some point, I began
to think that if this is true. World Championships in the triple jump
competition was better loikkien shade. The station broadcast of "BIG FM
92.7 MHz". Fading reception lasted about fifteen minutes. Very likely the
transmitter is the place to Srinagar, the distance between the measuring
tape according to Google's 4398 km. I went to the island of the same road
looking for Buy for confirmation of faith. JJK sowed the seed contentedly
murahdellen suventassuleiman recording. Little Triax isommilleen looked
again ... and luckily I had not acquired the FM+ is a decent Perseksen!
Even more: 93.0 of much lower in Pakistan? Islamabad is moderate. near
Srinagar. MSO

(Hannu Piirainen via skywaves list)

Konstantin Tavolzanskiy from Eastern Ukraine received India on 8th june
Big 92.7 FM
Srinagar about 3400 km
Jammu about 3500 km
or more

the record

(Victor Rutkovsky)
[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi Via dx_india yg]