Monday, July 15, 2013

All India Radio news to be delivered as SMS soon

All India Radio (AIR) news will soon be available on mobile phones via SMS. The public sector broadcaster is all set to launch an SMS-based service which will bring the latest headlines to registered users across the country.

Official sources said through this service, AIR would send news alerts thrice everyday to its registered users. Every SMS will have 3 to 4 news headlines along with an advertisement tag. Officials said this latest service was expected to expand the reach of AIR, while the advertisement tag could generate revenues as the service becomes popular.
SMS alerts for AIR news soon

The headlines, which will constitute news content, will have nearly 100 characters, as finalised by the News Service Division of AIR, while an advertising tag of up to 60 characters will follow. The Marketing Division of AIR would try to sell the advertising tags which would accompany the news alerts.

Officials said the new service required a huge database to store details of registered users and AIR was in the process of finalising a firm that would generate and maintain the database. The intent is to create a system where a user can register himself through an Internet-based application with a feature through which the service can also be disconnected if a request is made by the user, a source said.

AIR has already obtained permission from TRAI to send bulk news messages under transactional messages category, the sources said.
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