Sunday, August 19, 2012

Community radio in India - status update

Here is the latest list<>of
operational CR stations, LoI holders, applicants etc, as on 3 Aug

There isn't much to cheer about -- ten years after the first CR Policy was
unveiled, we have 135 operational community radio stations, of which about
40 are licensed to civil society bodies. The rest of the licenses have gone
to universities, private educational institutions and the occasional KVK.
Even among the 42 NGO-run CR stations, I would be surprised if more than
ten are in rural India.

Of the 371 Letters of Intent issued so far, Tamil Nadu has the maximum of
51, of which 44 have been granted to educational institutions -- mostly
private colleges -- and 7 to NGOs. Maharashtra, on the other hand, has 42
LoIs, of which 28 have gone to civil society organizations.

  - No. of applications received so far from 2004
  to 01.08.2012: (including 104 against old guidelines): 1083
  - Letters of Intent (LOI)  issued: 371
  - Grant of Permission of Agreement(GOPA) signed: 180
  - Operational Community Radio Stations: 135
  - Number of applications rejected: 445
  - Applications under process: 267

Elsewhere, in terms of advertising support for CR stations, only 9 stations
have been empanelled with DAVP<>.
I hope the Forum or the stations listed below can give us an idea of the
quantum of ads released by DAVP annually to CR stations.

List of Community Radio Stations empanelled with DAVP till 31st March, 2012.

1. Radio Mewat, Nuh, Mewat,
2. Kumayun Vani, Mukhteshwar (TERI)
3. Radio Namashkar, Konark, Orissa
4. Siwan Vani, Siwan, Bihar
5. Gyan Taranga, Assam
6. Radio Mattoli, Kerala
7. Hint Radio, Ghaziabad
8. Sangham Radio, Hyderabad
9. Jago Mumbai, Mumbai

These CRS are empanelled with DAVP at the rate of Rs.1 per second.
[Sajan Via CR India]