Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anniversaries of AIR in May, 2012

1 IND 6kw FM AIR Kurnool (Andra Pradesh), Patiala (Punjab), Raigarh (Chhattisgarh), Akola   (Maharashtra) commissioned, 1992
6kw FM AIR Bilaspur commissioned, 1991
10kw FM AIR Hospet (Andra Pradesh) commissioned, 1992
2 IND 6kw FM AIR Sagar (Madya Pradesh) commissioned, 1993
6kw FM AIR Sasaramr (Bihar) commissioned, 1991
3 IND 6kw FM AIR Chitradurga (Karnataka) commissioned, 1991
4 IND 6kw FM AIR Hassan (Karnataka), Cannanore (Kerala), 
Shivpuri (Madya Pradesh) commissioned, 1991
7 IND 1kw MW AIR Ooty (Tamil Nadu) commissioned, 1994
8 IND 20kw MW AIR Rohtak (Haryana) commissioned, 1976
14 IND 100kw MW AIR Calicut (Kerala) commissioned, 1950
15 IND 6kw FM AIR Swai Madhopur (Rajastan) commissioned, 1992
16 IND *300kw MW AIR Jalandhar (Punjab) commissioned, 1949
* 100kw MW AIR Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu) commissioned, 1939
17 IND 3kw FM AIR Daman (Union Terriotry) commissioned, 1995
18 IND Introduction to National Channel, 1988
20 IND 10kw FM AIR Jorhat (Assam) commissioned, 1991
22  IND 200kw MW AIR Indore (Madya Pradesh) commissioned, 1955
25 IND 20kw MW transmission at Kupwara commissioned to strengthen radio coverage in the border area of J&K,  2004
26  IND 100kw MW AIR Sambalpur (Orissa) commissioned, 1963
29 IND 6kw FM AIR Anantapur (Andra Pradesh), Nanded (Maharashtra) commissioned,1991
31 IND 200kw MW AIR Tuticorin External service (Tamil Nadu) commissioned, 1994
~ AIR Baroda become a CBS station, 1980