Friday, January 13, 2012

Delphi's DRM car radio

A car radio receiving Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) signals was put for public display at Auto Expo India held in New Delhi (5-11th Jan 2012). Developed by Delphi which is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotives, the new device can do Analogue AM and FM, as well DRM Digital radio. The receiver uses the NXP processor which recently added DRM capability. Delphi has a history of developing other Digital Radio Platforms (HD, DAB) and is offering solutions tailored to individual OEM requirements. The device is simulcast compatible and also package protected for DRM+ with a DRM compatible receiver antenna (short stub wide band). It should be available for the market by Q4 2012.

(Source : DRM Newsletter, Jan 2012)

Alokesh Gupta, VU3BSE
New Delhi, India