Wednesday, September 07, 2011

AWR Wavescan 2011 Contest Winners

Contest Results: Our Big 2011 "Choose a Channel" DX Contest

And now, here is the information you have been waiting to hear. In our program today, we present the results of the recent 2011 Wavescan DX contest that was conducted back during the month of June. The DX contest this year was organized to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Adventist World Radio, and it featured the listening and reporting of all of the stations that can be heard on one particular shortwave frequency, under the title "Choose a Channel" DX Contest. The history of Adventist World Radio goes way back to October 1, 1971, when AWR made its first broadcast on shortwave in a service originating out of Portugal and beamed towards various countries in Europe.
The awards for this year's contest are similar to all previous contests. There will be a special award for the world winner, one of the Jerry Berg radio history books; and World Radio TV Handbook 2012 for each continental winner. In addition, there will be other special awards as well as AWR souvenirs and radio curios for many participants.
You can remember that all AWR reception reports will be verified with a specially endorsed AWR QSL card. Please remember that it will take a period of many months, well into the new year 2012, to process all of the contest entries and reception reports, but each will in due course be processed.
There were two surprising facts exhibited in the contest entries this year. One was the magnificent quality of many of the top entries; and the huge number of reception reports included in this year's entries. One entrant submitted 63 reception reports, and two entrants both submitted 45 reception reports each.
And here now is the list of winners for our big 2011 "Choose a Channel" DX Contest:-

Awards of Merit
Gunter Jacob Passau, Germany - Top quality book production
Nobuya Kato, Fujisawa Japan
Sebastian Arndt, Remstadt Germany
Sziklai Jozsef, Baja Hungary
Claes Englund, Danderyd Sweden
Jose Jacob, Hyderabad India - Has entered every contest since 1977

Girish Chadaga with Sanil Deep
Continental Winners
Southern Asia P. Girish Chadaga Bangalore India
East Asia Hideo Suzuki Kiyosu Japan
Asia - Other Areas Tony Ashar Depok Indonesia
Europe Hans V. Lollike Hedehusene Denmark
South America Jorge Luis Medina Punto Fijo Venezuela
South Pacific Bruce White Karoonda SA Australia
North America Edward Insinger Summit NJ USA

World Winner
William Patalon Fallston MD USA

(Dr.Adrian Peterson Via Alokesh Gupta)