Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Sangean ATS-909X Coming in November

The New Sangean ATS-909X Coming in November of This Year

Sangean ATS909X 


Thanks to Tom for this great news. For radiophiles, the up and coming Sangean ATS-909X, featured on Universal Radio, is equivalent to a new version of the BMW M5. No price mentioned yet, but I'll be pre-ordering mine and hope it arrives around my birthday. Here are the specs from the Universal Radio site:

The ATS-909X is the new flagship of the Sangean line. It packs features and performance into a very compact and stylish package. Coverage includes all long wave (153-519 kHz), medium wave (520-1710 kHz) and all shortwave frequencies (1711-29999 kHz). FM and FM stereo to the headphone jack is also available (87.5-108 MHz). The new enlarged LCD features a bright white LED for excellent clarity.

Shortwave performance is enhanced with a wide-narrow bandwidth switch and excellent single side band performance (SSB tuning to 40 Hz steps via fine tuning). Five tuning methods are featured:  direct keypad entry, manual tuning, auto scan, manual up-down tuning, memory recall or manual knob tuning.

This new model is expected November 2010.