Monday, February 01, 2010

UADX has published its first Newsletter

After a break of about 17 years, the Union of Asian DXers has risen like aphoenix from the ashes. The UADX has published its first Newsletter sinceJuly 1993 as a PDF file on the DXAsia website, edited now, as then, by mygood friend Victor Goonetilleke in Sri Lanka. Familiar UADX names such asGerhard Werdin, Sarath Amukotuwa & Sarath Weerakoon will also be helpingVictor, who says that the first edition of the E-Newsletter is meant as anintroduction and sample. The next edition is scheduled before the end ofFebruary. I hope SWLs and DXers amongst our readership will support thisventure.Victor has also written an article about Eclipse Monitoring on 15 January2010. A UADX blog will also be starting soon. Thanks to Alok das Gupta andhis son Abhishek for technical help in getting this material online.http://www.dxasia. info (Andy)

If you want to read the Newsletter, click here