Tuesday, December 08, 2009

DDH47 147.3 khz in QRSS 3

DDH47 147.3 khz in QRSS 3

In Honor of Nobelprize Winner Marconi and Prof. Ferdinand Braun a special transmission will be Date:

10. Dec 2009 Time: Start 2300 UTC

Frequ. 147,3 kc

Mode: QRSS 3

PWR: 20 kW

The weather forcast transmitter Pinneberg DDH47 will stop RTTY ( 50 Bd) transmission in between 10. Dec 2300h UTC and 11. Dec 001 UTC In this timegap, the TX will be used for a special event transmission. Short words in QRRS 3 will be transmitted. After the transmission You may confirm the receiving at a shortwave frequency or via Internet ( QRG and adress will be given later) You may check propagation every day / night at 147,3 Kc DDH47, because the TX is working 24 Hours.
More details on
de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDH47 (Jaisakthivel, Chennai, India Via IWØHK)

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