Tuesday, November 25, 2008

World Radio TV Handbook 2009

WRTH are proud to present the 63rd edition of the bestselling directory of global broadcasting on LW, MW, SW and FM.

The Features section this year includes an exploration of FM DXing, a tour of local All India Radio stations, our Digital Update, and completely updated SW transmitter site maps.

Features - This section is in full colour and contains reviews of receivers and ancillary equipment, articles on topical issues such as digital radio, interviews with broadcasters, reception conditions, colour maps showing the location of SW transmitters, and other topics of interest to Listeners and DXers.

National Radio - This section covers the world's domestic radio services. The listings are by country and include all stations broadcasting on LW, MW and SW, and most stations broadcasting on FM, together with contact details.

International Radio - Full details of all broadcasters transmitting internationally are given in this section and are listed by country. The schedules shown are the 'B' or 'winter' SW frequencies as supplied by the broadcasters and confirmed by monitoring, together with any LW or MW frequencies used. It also contains a sub-section showing Clandestine and Other Target Broadcasters arranged by target country. The 'A' or 'summer' schedules, along with updates to broadcaster details, are available as a pdf download from this website in May each year.

Frequency Lists - This section contains MW frequency lists grouped by frequency within regions, lists of all international and domestic SW broadcasts in frequency order, and international SW broadcasts in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish shown by UTC.

Television - The TV section has details of the main terrestrial national broadcasters, large regional networks, and some local stations, arranged alphabetically by country.

Reference - This section has tables and listings of: International and Domestic Transmitter sites, Standard Time and Frequency Transmissions, DX Club information, International Organisations, and other essential information.

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