Monday, June 02, 2008

Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation(SLBC) stopped

SLBC Stopped the MW Tx

From 01-06-2008, Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation(SLBC) stopped the MW Service on 873 KHz to IndianListeners. This frequency mainly used for TamilService. This particular service started on 1925. Atpresent the only MW Tamil service from SLBC is on 855KHz for the Sri Lankan Tamil listeners.Few years back they stopped the evening service on 873KHz. From January 2008 they reduced the morningservice.

According to the SLBC officials, they didn'tget advertisement for that service. They spend threelahks Rupees per day for transmitt the programme toSouth India. Here in Tamil Nadu so many private FM’sacquired the SLBC clients for the advertisement. This is also the one of the reason to stopped the wellknown historical service.