Monday, September 03, 2007

Digital Radio Guide

The World Broadcasting Union's Digital Radio Guide is for use by engineersand managers in the radio broadcast community worldwide. It covers a widebase of digital radio technology and services, written by the technicalexperts who work with them. Along with gaining an understanding of digitalradio, readers will also acquire insights into international digitalterrestrial and satellite transmission systems including:- Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)- Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB - Eureka 147)- Japan's Digital Radio Broadcasting (ISDB-TSB)- iBiquity's HD Radio System (IBOC)- WorldSpace- Sirius and XM Satellite Radio- Mobile Broadcasting Corp. and TU Media Corp.- Internet RadioThe guide includes references to relevant sources and websites withtechnical descriptions of the aforementioned systems.The Digital Radio Guide has been compiled by the World Broadcasting UnionsTechnical Committee and can be downloaded by clicking on this link :

library/Docs/Public/DRG-2007.pdfThe Guide should be cited as a reference if any of its content is used in other publications.

(Source : World Broadcasting Unions Via Alokesh GuptaNew Delhi, India)