Monday, June 11, 2007

93.5 Suryan FM ties up with public buses in Jaipur to air station

Sun Network's radio venture, 93.5 Suryan FM (SFM), has tied up with the public transport luxury style star buses in Jaipur to air their station.
The station has been authorised to use 25 such buses and incorporate their branding on the vehicle. The aim is to increase listenership figures for the station.
"We have recieved permission to air 93.5 SFM in 25 buses across Jaipur. We have also branded the buses both outside and inside," says 93.5 SFM manager business development V.Sridhar.

Estimated to reach an audience of 14,00,000 within a month, the service will be operational from 7 am to 11 pm.
An official announcement issued by the station states, "Bus payouts in Jaipur gives us exposure to a minimum of 14,00,000 audience in a month and will help us during ILT or Ram if it happens in that city."
The city to be targeted next is Hyderabad, where a similar activity will be run.

SFM is positioned as a youthful hit station catering to SEC A, B and C audience.
It is currently operational in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Jaipur and will roll out 45 more stations, with Bhubaneswar next on the cards.