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Community Radio Manager’s Handbook

A Guide to Sustainable Radioby AMARC Africa This handbook, targeted at station managers and anyone involved in community radio, aims to be a guide on how to manage a community radio station in a sustainable manner. The handbook does not aim to be prescriptive, but aims to offer guidelines on issues that need to be considered when setting up and operating a community radio station and at what stage of the process they need to be considered. It offers information on the relationships that need to be built with stakeholders and gives ideas on how to make these relationship work better for the station. The handbook covers guidelines on the following issues:
How to get the Government to support you
How to identify what you want to do for the community, then doing that in your radio station
What is a volunteer
How to work with volunteer
How to get the community involved and how to keep them involved
How to market the station
What is an audience survey?
How to make money for your station
How to keep your station independent
How to manage conflict
How to manage change
How to help a community radio station to grow
How to make a training plan for the station
How to solve common problems you may face. for this resource in PDF format.

Publisher: AMARC Africa
Cost: Free downloadDate of publication: 2000
Number of pages: 185
Language(s): English
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Source: The African Community Radio Manager’s Handbook