Friday, June 09, 2006

India Radio Forum 2006

Radio is playing as loudly as ever, with new licenses, new digital options, new funding sources and a host of innovative ways to connect with a wide range of audiences. And not only in India. Around the world, the radio dial is being revitalized and recognized anew as a valuable part of the media and content creation mix.
Radio’s long history means many of the questions about listening and hearing have already been answered. But the new media environment means as many remain to be answered.
• Is India keeping up with world trends in radio?
• Is there anything we need to know about the rest of the world that can be applied to the Indian radio landscape?
• What are the predictions for India’s radio scene?
• Just how many players are too many?
• How can radio be most effectively, efficiently and creatively added to the media mix?
• What do media buyers need to know – and how can this best be delivered – to make the most effective radio decisions possible?
• How niche is niche when it comes to audience segments for radio?
• What are the technologies that will make the most difference to radio players and to listeners?
• Is digital radio a good option or a fancy gimmick for India?
• What are the best regulatory models for radio in the next communications age – and how best can India move towards a modern and robust framework that will encourage growth?
• And last, but by no means least, what are the business models for a new radio environment?

Business/Technology Track
Join our panel of Government regulators, industry CEOs and the Ad community as they share their vision of creating a vibrant and diverse Indian Radio industry by the year 2010. What needs to happen to make this vision a reality? The panel will look at the industry's current strengths and weaknesses and how our current thinking will shape the future. This session is presented in two parts - presentations and the Q and A discussions.
Abraham Thomas,
Chief Operating Officer,
Apurva Purohit,
MBPL / Radiocity
Prashant Panday,
Radio Mirchi
Raj Gupta,
Chief Strategy Officer,
Lintas Media Group

Rajesh Tahil,
Station Director
GO 92.5

Tarun Katial,
Adlabs Films Ltd
A look at the major radio markets from around the world. Is there anything India can adopt and adapt? Are there any lessons in what to avoid? Is there any way to fast-track the radio roll out process? How can Indian radio broadcasters make the best use of the lessons learned in other markets?
Neil Curry,
Senior Commissioning Editor,
BBC World Service English Networks
Is the Indian market big enough to support all the new radio licenses being issued? And if it is, is there enough differentiation between the channels to build viable businesses? What new genres can be explored to offer listeners a real choice?
Anish Trivedi,
Chief Managing Director,
Banyan Tree
Hemant Mehta,
VP & Country Manager,
IMRB International,
Media & Panel Group
Vehrnon Ibrahim,
National Head of Programming,
Red FM
Listeners can obtain their music from a range of new stations as well as a raft of new technologies. The new ways of distributing audio content - the Internet, pod-casting, 3G, and Visual Radio – are making radio stations’ jobs more challenging but ultimately offering more opportunities. How can radio use technological innovations to enhance the listening experience? This session looks at the many opportunities now available and how advertisers and stations can benefit from them. In the new media environment what does it now take to strike gold?
James Cridland,
Director of Digital Media,
Virgin Radio UK
Nick Piggott,
Digital Content Manager,
GCAP Media
Media Buying and
Advertising Track
With sponsorship and on-air promotions growing year on year as a percentage of all radio revenues, we look at the long-term future of spot advertising. What is the optimal mix of traditional spot advertising and linked sponsorship? How do you marry programming demands with those of the sponsor without alienating your audience and delivering value to the client? This session will explore ways to successfully manage the mix of programming, advertising and agency sensibilities.
Chris Goldson,
Director of Sponsorship & Promotions,
Virgin Radio
Radio offers many unique advantages over all other advertising options yet it is often overlooked in media campaigns. We look at successful local and international campaigns that have included radio as a core component and see what factors ensured their success. Join our panel of experts from agencies. FMCG, and Radio sales and be inspired by the selection of results proven campaigns.
Douglas McArthur, OBE
Chief Executive,
Radio Advertising Bureau
Rahul Welde,
GM Media Hindustan Lever & Head - Media Services,
Unilever South Asia

Sam Balsara,
Chairman & Managing Director,
Madison World

Saugata Gupta,
Chief - Sales & Marketing,
Almost no media schedules use only one medium. But what is radio's role in the mixed media schedule? Radio doesn't have visuals, which sets it apart from all other display advertising media. So, instead of being simply additional exposure to visual media, radio influences a different part of the brain and multiplies the message. Presented by the UK's RAB, this session will look at radio's role as a multiplier with TV, print, outdoor and the Internet, and provide you the right stuff to make radio work for you.
Douglas McArthur, OBE
Chief Executive,
Radio Advertising Bureau
Programming Track
Strategies and ideas for content creation and delivering an advertiser-friendly audience. How to use value-added services to ensure audience loyalty. How to grow the value of your stations through strategic programming and partnerships. Plus the programming challenges to overcome and the innovations that will make the difference.
Dave McDonald,
Senior VP/Market Manager,
CBS Radio Seattle Washington
10 great ideas for differentiating yourself from the crowd – The explosion of new licenses has changed the Indian radio programmer's job forever. The vast increase in competition for consumer's head space means the appeal of more “carbon copy” Bollywood stations may be limited. In order to thrive in this competitive environment you will have to have a clear programming identity and a unique listening proposition. How to cut through the clutter with your programming to establish yourself as the number one in your market? Which internationally successful programming genres would work well in India? How best can you fill the current gaps before your competition? This session will also look at some great competitions and contests that will also help make your station stand out from the crowd.
Omar Essack,
Executive Director: Broadcasting,
Kagiso Media Limited, South Africa
Promotion and
Marketing Track
Some shortcuts are more successful than others… In this hands-on session, we look at the cr√®me of the hints, tips and suggestions for everything from identifying the target and building hype to exciting the audience and keeping them hooked. The synergies of off air and on air elements are even more essential today as no successful campaign works in isolation. Learn about the factors that make your viewers believe in your brand. Be proud of your origins, be inspirational and take your brand to greater heights.
James Yip,
MediaCorp Radio Singapore
Bernard Lim,
GM - English Programme,
MediaCorp Radio Singapore
After a year spent creating and producing your own work, this is your chance to see what's been going on around you. This session brings you a brilliant selection of the best radio promotion and advertising work from around the globe. This is a unique opportunity to discover the most exciting work of your peers from every corner of the world.
Jim Chabin,
Radio stations struggle to be heard in an ever-growing multi-channel world but there are a variety of ways you can use promotion to make a mark and get your voice heard. This session highlights some of the techniques, designs and great spots used to create a buzz about channels outside the US with a whole range of great ideas tailored to suit any budget. Tone of voice, technology, cross promotional identity and cultural relevance will come under the microscope.
Karen Tobin,
Director of Marketing,
CBS K-Earth 101FM


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