Friday, November 25, 2005

Sarvadesavanoli October 2005

In this October Issue..
* K.S. Rajah a legend
Valliyur A.P.S.Ravindran [9443358400]
Pathamadai Kanndasamy [0462-2330096]
* K.S.Rajah Fan thoughts- Yazh Suthakar [044-55855702]
* K.S.Rajah Interview
* Radio Guide- National Radio Club AM Log Book
* Digital Page:Philips RL 146 Panasonic RB-11
* Short Wave -An Introduction How to use Morse Key
* Radio in Newspaper
* Radio Competition details
- Voice of GermanyInside Europe Quiz
Current affairs quiz
- Radio Veritas Asia
Monthly QuizAnnual Quiz
- China Radio International
Tamil Service Quiz Answers
English Service Quiz
* DX Club News
* Dxing Q&ADRM detailsWorldspace details
* On the Short Waves* This is 4 U..* Free: IBC Tamil Sticker