Friday, October 21, 2005

RTI is looking for new monitors for 2006

RTI's English Service will be selecting nine new monitors for 2006. Eachmonitor will be given an official certificate and gift as an expression ofour appreciation. Monitors for 2005 received a porcelain from the renownedNational Palace Museum.Responsibilities: Monitors will be responsible for writing threecomprehensive and clearly-written reception reports each month for one yearfrom January 1-December 31.Qualificiations: Monitors will be selected based upon quality of receptionreports, dedication, and geographical location. The final qualification isto assure that we have monitors in different locations.Application: All interested applicants should email as soon as possible send a letter to: English Service, P.O. Box 24-38, Taipei, TAIWAN ROCMonitors will be announced: on the Internet and in "Mailbag Time" in lateDecember, 2005