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Q.1 Who was appointed the first controller of Broadcasting in
Ans.1 Lionel Fielden

Q.2 When was first News bulletin broadcast from AIR?
Ans.2 January 19, 1936

Q.3 When did the Vividh Bharati Services start?
Ans.3 October 3, 1957

Q.4 When was the TV separated from AIR?
Ans.4 April 1, 1976

Q.5 From which station the first ever FM service was inaugurated?
Ans.5 Madras in July 23, 1977

Q.6 When was the National Channel introduced?
Ans.6. May 18, 1988

Q.7 When was the political parties broadcast introduced?
Ans.7. 1977

Q.8 When and where was Super Power Medium Wave Transmitter
Ans.8. 1000 KW Super Power Medium Transmitter at Kolkatta (Mogra) on
August 15, 1969.

Q.9 When did commercials on Vividh Bharati start?
Ans.9. November 1, 1967

Q.10 In which language do External Services start its broadcast?
Ans.10. External Services started with Pusthu broadcast on
1, 1939.

Q.11 Where was the 100th Station of AIR commissioned?
Ans.11 Warangal (A.P.) on March 2, 1980.

Q.12 When did Sky Radio became operational?
Ans.12 April 1, 1994

Q.13 Where was the 150th Station of AIR commissioned
Ans.13 Berhampur (Orissa) on April 1, 1993

Q.14 When and where was Phone in programme first introduced?
Ans.14 Phone in programme introduced at AIR, Delhi on
January 10,

Q.15 When was the first TV station started?
Ans.15 First TV Station was started in Delhi on November 1,
(at the time it was part of AIR).

Q.16 When were the Akashvani Annual Awards instituted?
Ans.16. 1974

Q.17 When was the Yuva-Vani service started?
Ans.17 Yuv-Vani Service started at Delhi on July 21, 1969.

Q.18 When was the First Radio Sangeet Sammelam held?
Ans.18 1957

Q.19 When did the Central News Organization came into existence?
Ans.19 August 1, 1937

Q.20 When and where was the Super Power short-wave transmitter
Ans.20 Four 500 KW Super Power short wave transmitters at
inaugurated. This made Bangalore one of the biggest transmitting
centers in the world.

Q.21 When was Radio paging service inaugurated?
Ans.21 July 15, 1995

Q.22 When was the foundation stone laid for new broadcasting house
Ans.22 February 1, 1996

Q.23 When and where were the Multi track recording studios
Ans.23 Chennai on August 5, 1995

Q.24 When did Prasar Bharati Corporation came into existence?
Ans.24 Prasar Bharati Corporation came into existence on
23, 1997
and took control of AIR & Doordarshan.

Q.25 When was the museum of Radio and Doordarshan inaugurated?
Ans.25 Museum of Radio and Doordarshan was inaugurated on
November 12,
2001 and declared as the Public Service
Broadcasting day
commemorate Gandhiji visit to AIR.

Q.26 When and where was the Broadcasting service initiated?
Ans.26 Broadcasting service initiated by the Madras
Radio Club on
July 31, 1924.

Q.27 When was the first private radio station set up?
Ans.27 Akashvani Mysore, a private radio station was set up on

Q. 28 When was the first national programme of music broadcast from
Ans.28 July 20, 1952

Q.29 When and where did the first local station started?
Ans.29 First Local Station started at Nagarcoil on October

Q.30 When was the National Channel introduced?
Ans.30 National Channel introduced on May 18, 1988

Q.31. When did the Radio Club of Bombay broadcast its first programme
Ans.31 In June, 1923

Q.32. When did AIR came under Ministry of I&B ?
Ans.32 October 24, 1941

Q.33. At the time of Partition in 1947 how many radio stations were
Ans.33 Six (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai,
Tiruchirapalli and

Q.34. Where was the first Station of the Indian Broadcasting Company
Ans.34 Mumbai

Q.35 Who was the British Viceroy of India when Indian Broadcasting
Company was inaugurated ?
Ans.35 Lord Irwin

Q.36. When did the broadcasting in India came under the direct
control of
Ans.36 In April 1, 1930

Q.37. In which Princely State broadcasting began in September, 1935
the name AKASHVANI?
Ans.37 Mysore

Q.38. What is the meaning of AKASHVANI ?
Ans.38 The voice from the sky.

Q.39. When was the first 10 kw sw transmiktter was commissioned and
Ans.39 February 4, 1938 - In Mumbai

Q.40. When was the Broadcasting along with Post, Telegraph,
Telephones and
wireless was placed in the Union List of the seventh Schedule?
Ans.40 January 26, 1950

Q.41. In which year radio stations were set up at Rajkot, Jaipur,
and Shimla on sw.
Ans.41 In 1955

Q.42. Who was the first Indian Director General of All India Radio?
Ans.42 Prof. A.S. Bokhari

Q.43. When was the "Vividh Bharati" inaugurated and from where ?
Ans.43 October 3, 1957 - From Mumbai

Q.44. Under which Five Year Plan the medium-wave expansion plan got
Ans.44 Under Third Five Year Plan (1961-66)

Q.45. Which Committee recommended the introduction of Commercial
Ans.45 Chanda Committee (Shri Ashok K. Chanda)

Q.46. When was the Yuva Vani Channel commissioned and where ?
Ans.46 July 21, 1969 - At Delhi

Q.47. Where was the first 250 kw power transmitter inaugurated ?
Ans.47 Aligarh

Q.48. When was the TV formally separated from AIR?
Ans.48 April 1, 1976

Q.49. When did NSD and ESD came into existence ?
Ans.49 In the year 1948

Q.50. When was the Farm and Home Units established?
Ans.50 In 1965

Q.51 Kisan Vani programme is run from how many centers?
Ans.51 96 centers

Q.52 Are you aware that we can get credit from service tax paid.
Ans.52 Yes

Q.53 Is Prasar Bharati a charitable organization as per provisions
of the
IT Act.
Ans.53 Yes

Q.54 How many FM Station are there in AIR.?
Ans.54 139

Q.55 Which station in AIR earn the maximum Revenue.
Ans.55 Kodaikanal

Q.56 In how many stations is FM Rainbow broadcast and in how many
stations is FM Gold broadcast?
Ans.56 FM Rainbow from eight stations and FM Gold from four

Q.57 What is the full name of PPL.
Ans.57 Phonographic Performance Limited

Q.58 What is the full name of DTEPS.
Ans.58 Director Transcription & Programme Exchange Services.


Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi